Supporting 'Life in Law' 

Helping individuals, teams and organisations improve wellbeing 

Professional Development 

Sharpen your commercial traits, be a positive influence in your organisation and inspire a healthy workplace.

Personal Growth 

Learn powerful strategies to develop your capabilities and potential and enhance your quality of life. 

Physical & Mental Health 

Train the sceptical legal mind to recognise burnout and learn practical strategies to support overall wellbeing. 

What we offer 

On the Run Learning is an independent learning and development lounge offering lawyers on-demand wellbeing focused professional and personal development coaching sessions for a happier life in law.  

We recognise that investing time to acquire the right skills is key to achieving long term high performance and happiness. This is why we have handpicked topics that are fundamental to supporting positive wellbeing outcomes. 

Our sessions are delivered by highly skilled experts who have wellbeing in mind when giving practical strategies aimed at improving productivity, performance and resilience.  
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Private Practice Lawyer

Get practical professional development, personal growth & wellbeing sessions for a successful life in law.
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In-house Legal Counsel

Get professional development, personal growth & wellbeing sessions plus tailored CPD for day-to-day legal practice.


For Professionals 
On demand in-depth learning for those wanting to be top of their game. 



Bespoke Solutions
Request a program or package that speaks to your organisation. 

We have handpicked products, professional services and other great deals to enhance your quality of life and give you a boost. Become a member and enjoy your exclusive benefits. 
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