how perfectionists can overcome stress & manage unrealistic expectations

  • ~ 20 minutes
  • for all lawyers
Category:  Mental Health & Wellbeing  I Topic: Stress
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Session overview
Join Pierre for a candid talk on dealing with stress in legal practice, drawing on his carer learnings to tackle pressure, unrealistic expectations and perfectionism and how to rise above it.
"Expectations that others place on you is very easy to put on yourself, to take your perfectionism and their expectations and demand of yourself something that is unreasonable, something that is unrealistic."
Pierre Johannessen



Johannessen Legal

About pierre 
Pierre is an Australian litigator, Human Rights activist, journalist and recipient of the ACT Young Australian of the Year award for 2010. He has never been in a courtroom he doesn't love.

Pierre is also the current CEO of the international NGO Big Bang Ballers whose aim is to use the game of basketball to tackle poverty and social disadvantage. Pierre's expertise in international human rights and development was cemented with his involvement in an Australian Youth Ambassadors for Development posting in Bangladesh.

A former Australian Youth Ambassador for Development, and a University of Canberra Chancellor's Distinguished Young Alumni award winner, Pierre has distinguished himself in the community for both his passion and his exemplary conduct.

An accomplished speaker and writer, Pierre has presented to schools, corporate groups, has had writing published and has been a TEDx speaker.
Pierre has coached and counseled charities worldwide through Johannessen Legal and Johannessen & Gass, with a focus on social, grass roots development. 
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