strategies for maintaining a healthy diet

  • ~ 14 minutes
  • for all lawyers
Category: Physical Health & Body I Topic: Stress
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Session overview
Join us for a talk by dietician, Talia Braun, as she explains why a healthy, balanced diet is important for good brain health and improving your performance at work and provides practical strategies to help you break negative habits. 


  • a session on the importance of diet in your professional life


  • the latest research in the field 
  • why a healthy, balanced diet is important for good brain health and improving performance at work
  • the science behind some common nutrition behaviours of busy people 
  • practical tips to help make beneficial changes to your eating habits


Talia Braun 

About Talia 
Talia began her career as a Food and Therapeutic goods chemist for Nestle. She subsequently went on to become a Food Scientist for George Weston Technologies where she developed and tested nutritional panels and food claims.

Since 2012, Talia has worked as a Hospital Scientist at Prince of Wales Hospital (NSW Health Pathology). She is an HPLC and LCMS expert, of biochemistry and endocrinology markers. She works on method development and validation of new biomarkers and serves as a clinical projects coordinator; collaborating with numerous national and international hospitals and research laboratories.

It is within this role that Talia has presented at national and international conferences and act as a consultant on the national Advisory Committee for Biogenic Amines as well as the national Advisory Committee for Vitamins.She has also contributed to many pioneering scientific papers - her work can be found in Journal of endocrine society, Journal of hormone and metabolic research and molecular genetics and metabolism.

Talia now serves as the NSW health pathology representative, and as a consultant for the Agency for Clinical Innovation in the field of Test Diets in which she reviews dietary requirements for various scientific tests. More recently Talia has obtained a Masters of Nutrition and Dietetics from University of Wollongong.
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