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Will I meet my CPD requirements?

Our 'learn in law' CPD sessions meet the minimum criteria for 'on-demand' in most states and territories (with the exception of Western Australia*). The amount of hours/units that you can claim for 'on-demand sessions' depend on the rules in your state or territory – please refer to the law society in your jurisdiction for further information or the applicable rules. Our 'life in law' sessions are not predominantly created for the purpose of meeting CPD requirements. However, where a 'life in law' session qualifies for CPD, it will be noted on the session.

*On the Run Learning is not an accredited provider of legal CPD in Western Australia.

What does a 'Life in Law' membership give me?

As a 'life in law' lounge member you will receive:
  • content to assist with your personal growth and wellbeing, professional development and physical & mental health;
  • access to benefits to support your life in law such as discounts on a number of goods and services; and
  • access throughout the term of your subscription to all new 'life in law' content as it becomes available in our catalogue each month.
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This membership does not include access to 'Learn in Law' sessions. 

Will I get access to new content that becomes available after I sign-up?

Yes. New sessions, talks, materials and benefits will be added regularly and be added to the catalogue for lounge members to access during the 12 month subscription.   

Can I share the content with my team members and friends?

No. In this case, an organisation membership will need to be purchased and each individual in the organisation will be provided with their own individual login. 

Can anyone see my personal page and the sessions I have selected?

No – this is your own area in which its contents are only visible to you. Even if your organisation has purchased a group membership, each employee will be given their own individual login.

What will I get out of the 'Life in Law' stream?

The content available via this stream has been specifically created to tackle the everyday challenges faced by lawyers and to assist with their:
  • personal growth and development;
  • career progression and professional development;
  • lifestyle;
  • wellbeing; and
  • physical & mental health.

What is included in the benefits?

The benefits available through our member lounge include discounts and incentives on a range of lifestyle and professional products and services for individual members and also their organisations. 

How will your 'life' content benefit my organisation and its employees?

In a rapidly changing world, it has become more important than ever to assist employees with balancing work and personal life. Organisations who support their employees by providing access to professional and personal development tools and resources will thrive as they empower employees to look after themselves and others - this will only better the individual and the organisation. 

What do I do if my account is having issues?

Contact us via our Contact Us page with a detailed description of the issue and we will aim to resolve this for you as soon as possible.
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