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Our masterclasses are curated by expert instructors to help individuals overcome boundaries and attain new strengths and capabilities. These masterclasses are for professionals looking to reach their full potential. 
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Peak Performance - Preview 
Public Speaking is widely reported as one of the highest triggers for a fear response in adults so if this is true for you, you are not alone. The good news is, this masterclass can help change your fear into focus. 

Peak Performance: Master Anxiety & Deliver with Confidence 

This masterclass is delivered by Sarah Marshall, a performance arts counsellor, and Dr Catherine Martin, an actor and university lecturer specialising in drama education. Sarah and Catherine deliver an in-depth masterclass on how to overcome performance anxiety to deliver a powerful presentation every time. They incorporate techniques that have long been used by elite (or professional) performers and athletes to perform their best under pressure, guiding you through strategies to master pace, posture, volume and project confidence. 

  Online Access 

This includes pre-recorded video content, downloadable resources, interactive activities and a one-on-one private session with the instructor. Find out more about this online masterclass. 


Half-day face-to-face masterclasses are available to assist employees develop core skills to improve physical behaviours for strong messaging and a confident presence. Contact us to enquire.  

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